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Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

baby being baptised


Baptism (or 'Christening' as it is sometimes called) is the way that someone becomes part of the church family at St Michael's. Usually, babies are baptised - but there's no reason why a child, young person or adult can't be baptised!


We offer two different entry paths into the church. As well as baptism, we also offer a service of Thanksgiving, for those who want to mark their new arrival with a celebration in church - but don't feel that they want to make the promises that go with baptism.


We welcome enquiries about baptism from anyone who lives in Cottingley. We'll meet with you for a chat and you are encouraged to try out some of our church activities and services. Later, we can make an arrangement that, wherever possible, fits in with your plans.


Contact us via the Contact Page if you are interested in finding out more about how to plan a baptism at St Michael's.

bride holding bouquet


Getting married is one of life's most joyful occasions and we welcome weddings at St Michael's with open arms!


You can get married at St Michael's if you either live in Cottingley, or have a family connection to the area. If you need to clarify this, then feel free to ask for guidance via the Contact page.


It is also possible to be married by the Vicar of Cottingley in one of our neighbouring parishes. Contact us if this is a possibility that interests you.


Planning a Wedding takes a while and you should contact us at an early stage if you have thoughts about getting married at St Michael's. Even if you just want to get a date in our dairy, then please contact us - its never too early to get in touch!





Sadly, a funeral is one of those inevitable events that we will all need to think about one day.


Whether it is something we have anticipated for a while, or something that comes as a great shock, it is an upsetting and confusing time. At St Michael's we have a vast experience of these things, and want to offer our help and services.


We welcome funeral services in church, whether the person was a regular churchgoer or not.


Our Vicar is available to take services for the people of Cottingley, whether in St Michael's or in one of the local crematoriums.


We offer support and prayer in complete confidence to those who have been bereaved.

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