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All together at Christmas time

As Christmas Eve came around it was a full house once again for our wonderful Christingle Service! A surprising but fun moment came when Vicar Malcolm asked us all to throw balls of wool around the church! We all became tied in knots and this represented how God's love spreads throughout the world and binds us together.

Thanks to everyone who helped, whether it was making the Christingles, playing in the band or coming along and taking part in our pop up nativity.

We even flexed our digital skills and were joined live by the lovely Maureen via the power of facetime! 😂 And thanks to Chris for his excellent Noddy Holder impression!

We then opened our doors on Christmas Day to serve lunch to those who may otherwise be on their own. Well done to Jo-Ann, Tracy and the wonderful team who gave up their time on Christmas Day to help to cook and serve a fantastic festive lunch. Thank you also to all those who gave donations towards the meal

This is what its all about ~ love, peace and being together. Immanuel, God with us.

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