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All Sorts on tour! Nell Bank

We had a fabulous day in April 2019 when the St Michael’s All Sorts group went on tour and visited Nell Bank for a day of adventures! It was a chance for some of our older children to spread their wings and have a day of problem-solving and team building activities, learning about independence and helping each other. We also learned about the importance of stewardship and taking care of God's world, the animals and the environment around us.

One of the parents said: "Thank you for organising such a fab day! We all enjoyed ourselves and it was great to be able to be together as a family doing activities we wouldn't usually have done."

When we got back home all the children received a special treat – an Easter Egg and a book each. Thanks to the All Sorters who came along and made the day such a special one. The trip was made possible by the funding we received from the Co-op Community Fund – thank you to everyone who contributed by using their Co-op membership card.

We're looking forward to more exciting All Sorts family events coming up over the summer!

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