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Loving, Living, Giving

Today marks the start of our Stewardship Review called Loving, Living, Giving.

Over the next few weeks during Sunday worship we will have a special series of services. This will be your opportunity to review your personal contribution that keeps our church fulfilling God’s mission in our community.

Our vision is to reach out to the local community, providing opportunities for people of all ages to encounter the transforming love of God and join us on our journey of faith. We want to connect with the people of Cottingley, to grow and to see more people become part of the life of the church. All our activities require funding, and most of the money comes directly from the congregation as giving.

Church members and friends of St Michael's will be given an information pack to take home and read. We are asking people to pray and consider your choices as to giving. Please return the response form in your pack and help ensure church events continue to reach out to people in Cottingley.

Please bring your response form back to church on or before 1 July.

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