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All Sorts: Creation, exploration and inspiration!

Once again All Sorts hosted an awesome event. On 15 October 'Creation Exploration' explored the universe and all the amazing things on our planet. We divided the church into fun zones and the children moved through each area learning about God's marvellous creation.

Activities included creating shadow puppets in the Light and Dark Zone whilst learning a song to perform with the puppet show, building rockets of all sizes including giant cardboard space shuttles in the Sky Zone, creating an enormous collage in the Landscape Zone, making solar systems in bottles in the Space Zone, creating bird and fish magnets in the Fins and Wings Zone, and face painting and balloon animals in the Creature Zone. After all that fun we took a well earned rest in our Chill Out Zone where the parents watched a performance of everything the children had been doing together with a delicious picnic tea!

Thanks to everyone who came along and to our fantastic team of volunteers who made it all happen.

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