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Star Word Challenge: Half way point

stars with words on

We’re now in June, the middle of the year already! It’s a good time to remind everyone about our ‘star word’ challenge that we began at Epiphany. Members of our congregation have each picked a word out at random from a hat which would be their own star word for the year.

The idea is that your word will give you a different way to approach your prayer life in the coming year. We asked people to keep their word somewhere where they'll see it regularly - on the fridge or by the bed or somewhere else and reflect on your word throughout the year.

Is God, perhaps, speaking to you through the particular word you picked? Some people may have seen a meaning straight away in their word and others may find something reveals itself during the year. Does anyone feel that their word has particular meaning to them already? You may find it helpful to keep notes when something comes to mind about your word at any point in the coming months as we'll be asking people to report back and share your reflections on your word at the end of the year!


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