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St Michael and All ... Sorts!

We all had a great time at our family event ‘All Sorts’, celebrating St George’s Day on 23 April 2016. Lots of fun was had finding out about the amazing stories behind some of the saints. The church was divided into fun zones for each saint: St Francis, St Peter, St Cecelia, St Hilda and St George. The children moved around in groups taking turns to experience each area.

Playing group games at Allsorts

Activities included building a replica Whitby Abbey out of cardboard boxes, creating animal cards, playing an exciting ‘fishing in the sea’ game, and making our own instruments to learn some songs. Through these activities we discovered that the saints of the past were ordinary people just like us who wanted to follow Jesus.

We then made a wonderful collage in the shape of a giant cross depicting the ‘saints of Cottingley’. The collage showed the life of our village community - including the people that live here, the houses, the shops and the school, with the church at the centre.

At the end of the afternoon parents came and joined us to see everything the children had been doing. We then all enjoyed tea together.

Making shakers in the music zone

Everyone who took part had a brilliant time. One of the children, age 7, said “It was really good fun and even better than last time. My favourite bits were the dragon in the show at the end, making the Saints of Cottingley cross, and the hot dogs for tea!”

building Whitby Abbey out of cardboard boxes

A big thank you to all our fantastic volunteers who gave up their time to set up, clear up and help with activities.

Colouring animal pictures for St Francis

All Sorts' will be making an appearance at the village celebrations for the Queen’s Birthday on 11 June, and at the Cottingley Fun Day in July – details coming soon!

Trying to walk on water like St Peter
The 'Cottingley Saints' cross

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