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No 'Room at the Inn' at Christmas Services!

Christmas Tree

Local people had responded to a request to make Nativity figures out of coke bottles and it was wonderful to see the children bring their figures up to the front during the service where we created a beautiful Nativity scene. There were readings, poems and prayers and a lovely evening was rounded off with mulled wine and mince pies!

Children waiting to add their figures to the nativity scene

Home made nativity figures

'Hot Aire' concert band

The crowds gathered once more when hundreds of people attended our ever popular Christingle Service on Christmas Eve where there was standing room only! The church was packed as we joined together for a fun all age Christmas Service with a difference. The evening included children dressing up and performing a ‘DIY’ nativity, a collection towards the work of The Children’s Society, and lots of our favourite carols. We were also treated to a brilliant performance by some puppets singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

A very special moment came towards the end where we turned out the lights and all the children carefully clutched their candlelit Christingle and sang Silent Night. The whole service was a joyful celebration and a lovely opportunity to get into the festive spirit and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.


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